Floral Epoxy Resin Tables: A Statement of Modern Design

Floral Epoxy Resin Tables: A Statement of Modern Design

Jun 28, 2024

In interior design, a new trend is taking centre stage - floral epoxy resin tables. These unique pieces are functional and serve as a stunning statement of modern design. In this blog, we will talk about the beauty and versatility of floral epoxy resin tables and why they are becoming the must-have item for every stylish home. We recommend joining a resin art workshop to learn how to start this project under professional guidance.

What are Floral Epoxy Resin Tables?

Floral epoxy resin tables combine natural elements, such as dried flowers or plants, with epoxy resin to create a one-of-a-kind piece. The resin is poured over the flowers, preserving them in a stunning, durable, and eye-catching display. These tables are the ideal accent for any area because they are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles.

Why Choose a Floral Epoxy Resin Table?

Floral Epoxy Resin Tables are more than just furniture - they are works of art that uniquely bring nature into your home. The dried flowers' intricate designs and vibrant colours create a sense of serenity and beauty, making these tables a focal point in any room. Your table will survive many years because epoxy resin is solid and easy to clean.

Floral epoxy resin tables incorporate a variety of botanical elements. Delicate pressed flowers, vibrant petals, and whole blooms are carefully arranged and preserved within the resin, creating a breathtaking 3D effect.

The beauty lies in the individual flowers and how they are arranged. From swirling patterns to meticulous geometric designs, the possibilities are endless. You can even personalise your table by using flowers with special meaning, creating a truly unique heirloom piece.

Floral epoxy resin tables aren't just beautiful; they're built to last. The cured epoxy resin creates a solid and scratch-resistant surface, making these tables perfect for high-traffic areas like coffee or dining tables. They must only be gently cleaned with a moist cloth, making maintenance relatively simple.

How to Incorporate Floral Epoxy Resin Tables into Your Home

Regardless of your design aesthetic—minimalist, boho, or contemporary—a floral epoxy resin table can bring sophistication and interest to your area. These conversation-starting pieces can be the focal point of a living room, a stunning addition to an entryway, or a luxurious centrepiece in your dining room.

Floral Epoxy Resin Tables can be used in various ways to enhance your home's look. Place a small table in the entryway to welcome guests with a touch of nature, or use a larger table in the living room as a conversation piece. You can even customise your table with your favourite flowers or colours to create a personal piece that reflects your style and personality.

How to Create Your Own Floral Epoxy Resin Table?

While alluring, floral epoxy resin tables might seem intimidating to create yourself. Here's an essential roadmap to get you started:

Gather Your Supplies

  • Safety First: Gloves, respirator, safety glasses, mixing containers, stir sticks.
  • The Table: A sturdy table base and tabletop (wood, metal, or concrete all work). You can even upcycle an old table!
  • The Floral Elements: Dried flowers, pressed flowers, or a combination (experiment with different textures and sizes).
  • Epoxy Resin: Choose a high-quality, crystal-clear casting resin suitable for deep pours (substantial for thicker tables). Make sure it's compatible with your chosen tabletop material.
  • Colouring (Optional): Mica powders or resin dyes can add subtle tints or create exciting effects.
  • Tools: A heat gun (for removing bubbles), rubbing alcohol (for cleaning surfaces), sandpaper (for prepping the tabletop), and a paintbrush or artist's tweezers (for arranging flowers).

Prepare Your Workspace

  • Choose a well-ventilated, level surface with ample workspace.
  • To prevent spills, cover the area with plastic sheeting.

Prep the Tabletop

  • Ensure the surface is dust—and debris-free, clean, and dry. Lightly sand it to improve the resin's adhesion.

Plan Your Design

  • Sketch or arrange your flowers on a separate surface to visualise the final layout. This helps minimise movement and frustration while working with the resin.

Mixing and Pouring the Resin

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for mixing ratios and pot life.
  • Mix thoroughly but slowly to minimise air bubbles.
  • Optional: Tint a portion of the resin for creative effects (layering or swirls).

The First Pour

  • Pour a thin layer of clear resin onto the prepared tabletop.
  • Any air bubbles that rise to the surface can be gently removed using a heat gun.

Floral Arrangement

  • Timing is key! Wait for the first layer to become slightly tacky (around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the resin). This prevents the flowers from floating.
  • Carefully place your flowers according to your design plan. Use tweezers for precise placement.

Subsequent Layers

  • Once the floral layer is set (typically 24-48 hours), you can pour subsequent layers of clear or coloured resin to completely encase the flowers.
  • Pour several thin coats on thicker surfaces to avoid the resin scorching and damaging the flowers.

Sanding and Finishing

  • Once the final resin layer cures completely (refer to the manufacturer's cure time), you may need to sand and polish the surface to achieve a perfectly smooth finish.

Safety Precautions

  • Epoxy resin can be irritating. Continuously operate in an area with adequate ventilation and use the appropriate safety gear.
  • Be mindful of the exothermic reaction (heat generation) during resin curing.

You may make a lovely and distinctive floral epoxy resin table that will be a beloved addition to your house with careful planning and attention to detail. Remember, there's no right or wrong - embrace your creativity and enjoy the process!

Pro Tips

  • Practise your floral arrangement on a test piece before tackling the actual table.
  • Consider using silicone moulds to create raised edges for the resin, adding another design element.
  • Research online tutorials for visual guidance on various techniques.
  • Start with a smaller table for your first project.


Floral Epoxy Resin Tables are a modern style statement that infuses your house with the beauty of nature, not just another piece of furniture. These tables are a stunning addition to any room because of their unusual blend of epoxy resin and dried flowers. They are both practical and eye-catching. The centrepiece of your house will be a Floral Epoxy Resin Table, whether you go for a giant dining table or a tiny accent table. Why then wait? Get a gorgeous Floral Epoxy Resin Table to add a bit of nature to your house today! To learn more about resin art, its techniques, and how to perform them correctly, visit Arts Shala's website. Contact Us for more information.
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