Arts Shala offers an Ink and Watercolor Painting course in Delhi, aimed at teaching students the intricate techniques of both mediums. The course curriculum is designed to help participants gain hands-on experience in creating textured, layered, and expressive artworks using ink and watercolor. It is suitable for all levels of artists, from beginners to more advanced practitioners, providing them with the tools and knowledge to enhance their artistic expression.

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Why Join Our Ink and Watercolor Painting Course?

Enroll in our ink and watercolor painting course to blend fluidity and precision in your art. Explore diverse techniques, receive personalized guidance, and join a community passionate about the dynamic interplay of ink and watercolor.

  • Special Techniques

    Wet on Wet : Students will explore the wet-on-wet technique in-depth, learning how to control the spread of color and create soft, fluid effects in their paintings.

    Dry on Wet : The course will teach students how to use the dry-on-wet technique for adding details and textures, such as grass or tree branches, on a wet background.

  • Various Tips and Tricks

    Students will learn a variety of tips and tricks to enhance their paintings, such as using masking fluid to preserve white areas, creating texture with salt or alcohol drops, and using a spray bottle for interesting watercolor effects.

    Learn How to Maintain Consistency.

  • Consistency Techniques

    The course will cover techniques for maintaining consistency in ink and watercolor paintings, such as mixing sufficient paint for a section, testing colors on a separate paper before applying, and using consistent brushstrokes.

  • Objects Paintings

    Students will practice painting a variety of objects with ink and watercolors, focusing on capturing their form, texture, and realistic representation. This will include exercises in still life compositions, such as fruits, flowers, and everyday objects.