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  • Acrylics Color Painting Courses

    Arts Shala invites you to embark on a colorful journey with our Acrylic Color Painting Course. Tailored for artists of all levels, this comprehensive course covers the essentials of acrylic painting.

  • Charcoal Drawing Courses

    At Arts Shala, our Charcoal Painting Course is meticulously crafted to unveil the expressive potential of charcoal, catering to creatives at every skill level.

  • Fundamental Of Arts

    One of the premier art studios in Delhi! We are thrilled to offer our new course, "Fundamentals of Art," designed specifically for beginners. This course is a comprehensive introduction to the world of art, providing students with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to embark on their artistic journey.

  • Graphite Drawing Courses

    This course is designed to provide a deep dive into the world of graphite painting, covering everything from basic techniques to advanced shading and realism. Students will learn how to use graphite to its full potential, creating detailed and lifelike drawings.

  • Glass Marking Pencil Courses

    The Glass Marking Pencil Course at Arts Shala is a comprehensive journey into the world of glass art, designed for artists of all levels. This course covers everything from the basics of glass marking pencils and workspace preparation to mastering light, shadow

  • Ink & Water Color Painting Courses

    Enroll in our ink and watercolor painting course to blend fluidity and precision in your art. Explore diverse techniques, receive personalized guidance, and join a community passionate about the dynamic interplay of ink and watercolor.

  • Oil Color Painting Courses

    Unleash the timeless beauty of oil painting with Arts Shala's Oil Color Painting Course. This comprehensive course is tailored for artists of all levels, offering a deep dive into the world of oil paints, from their rich history to their versatile application.

  • Oils Pastels Painting Courses

    Arts Shala is delighted to introduce our Oil Pastels Course, a comprehensive journey into the colorful and expressive world of oil pastels. Designed for artists at all levels, this course offers an in-depth exploration of the medium, from understanding its unique characteristics to mastering advanced techniques

  • Poster Color Painting Course

    Embark on a colorful journey with Arts Shala's Poster Color Painting Course, designed to unleash the creative potential of artists at all levels. This comprehensive course offers an in-depth exploration of the vibrant and versatile medium of poster colors

  • Soft Pastels Drawing Courses

    The Soft Pastels Course offers a comprehensive exploration of the vibrant and expressive medium of soft pastels. Starting with a foundation in graphite drawing, the course delves into color theory, teaching students about hue, value, and chroma, and how to mix and blend pastels for a wide range of colors.