Glass Marking Pencil Courses OVERVIEW

The Glass Marking Pencil Course at Arts Shala is a comprehensive journey into the world of glass art, designed for artists of all levels. This course covers everything from the basics of glass marking pencils and workspace preparation to mastering light, shadow, and value scales for creating depth and realism. You'll explore advanced shading techniques and learn to create lifelike images on glass. With a focus on nurturing creativity and artistic growth, Arts Shala provides an inspiring environment for transforming your creative vision into captivating glass art.

Overview of glass marking pencils: Students will learn about the different types of glass marking pencils available, including their varying hardness levels, colors, and applications. The course will cover how these pencils can be used for both artistic purposes and industrial marking on glass surfaces.

Preparing your workspace: The course will provide guidance on setting up a safe and effective workspace for working with glass, including tips on lighting, ventilation, and organization. Students will learn how to handle glass safely and how to prepare the glass surface for marking.

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