The Top Ten Questions We Get Asked The Most At Arts Shala

The Top Ten Questions We Get Asked The Most At Arts Shala

Mar 05, 2024

Arts Shala is a haven for art enthusiasts and home decor lovers alike. We are dedicated to bringing creativity and beauty into every home through our unique home decor items and art workshops. Our mission is to weave dreams into every space, transforming ordinary rooms into extraordinary works of art. To learn about our most popular workshop, check out the resin art workshop on our website. 

Questions We Get Asked The Most

Are you curious about our platform and the frequently asked questions we receive? Let's dive into the top ten queries our visitors often have.

1. What Type of Classes Does Arts Shala Offer?

Arts Shala provides various classes, including epoxy resin, painting, drawing, pottery, necklaces, and envelope making. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, we have something for everyone.

2. How Do I Enrol in a Workshop?

Enrolling in a class at Arts Shala is a simple process. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Visit our website and browse our workshop offerings.
  • Select the class that interests you and click the "Add To Cart" button.
  • Fill out the registration form with your details and preferred payment method.
  • Confirm your registration and make payment to get your course.

3. Will the Classes Be Effective for All Skill Levels?

Yes, our classes are designed to cater to students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Whether you are just beginning your artistic journey or looking to improve your existing skills, Arts Shala has a class that will suit your needs. The experienced instructors of our platform are adept at moulding their teaching methods to accommodate the varying skill levels of our students.

4. Do I Need to Bring My Supplies?

Yes, you will need to bring your supplies to Arts Shala. Each class may have specific requirements, so it's best to check the course description or contact the instructor for more details. Don't worry; we want to ensure you have a fantastic experience, so we're here to help if you need guidance on what to bring. You can also browse through the supplies section of our website to get them. 

5. Can I Take Multiple Classes at Once?

Yes, absolutely! At Arts Shala, we encourage students to explore and expand their horizons by taking multiple classes simultaneously. Whether you want to dabble in painting, try your hand at pottery, or learn a new resin style, we have diverse classes to cater to all your interests. Multiple courses can help you discover new passions and talents while keeping your schedule varied and exciting.

6. Does the Staff Consists of Experienced Professionals?

Absolutely! At Arts Shala, we pride ourselves on having a staff filled with qualified, experienced instructors skilled in their respective fields. Our instructors have years of experience working in the arts industry and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with students. When you enrol in a program with us, you should be assured that you will learn from the best in the business.

7. What is the Duration of the Classes?

The duration depends on the course you choose. Some classes are one-time workshops, while others meet weekly for a set number of sessions. Go through the details on our website for detailed information.

8. How to Return or Exchange an Item?

If you are delivered a damaged or incorrect item, please get in touch with our staff. It should be done within seven days of delivery. For more information on our return policy, visit our Returns and Refunds page on our website.

9. Can I Showcase My Work at Arts Shala?

Absolutely! We encourage our students to showcase their work at exhibitions and events organised by Arts Shala. It's an excellent opportunity to share your creativity with the community.

10. How to Stay Updated on Upcoming Classes and Events?

For information on our upcoming classes and events at Arts Shala, follow us on social media. You'll receive timely updates and exclusive offers straight to your dashboard.

Pro Tips to Know Before Joining Arts Shala

If you are interested in the platform, make sure to follow these tips to avoid confusion in the future. 

  • Research the Programs: Before joining any program at Arts Shala, it's essential to research and understand the various options available. Make sure the program aligns with your artistic goals and interests.
  • Meet the Instructors: Get to know the instructors at Arts Shala and their teaching philosophy. This will give you a sense of whether their teaching style resonates with your learning preferences.
  • Check the Facilities: Take a tour of the facilities at Arts Shala to ensure they meet your needs. Make sure the space is conducive to creativity and learning.
  • Review the Curriculum: Look closely at the program's curriculum you are interested in. Double-check if the classes cover the topics and skills you aim for.
  • Talk to Alumni: Reach out to Arts Shala alums for their feedback on their experience. Alums can provide valuable insights into the program and its impact on their artistic journey.
  • Consider the Location: Think about the location of Arts Shala and how it fits into your schedule and lifestyle. Make sure it's convenient for you to attend classes and events.

What Sets Arts Shala Apart?

At Arts Shala, we take pride in offering a curated collection of decorative accessories that are both stylish and sustainable. Our focus on thoughtful design, quality craftsmanship, and responsible manufacturing sets us apart. Whether you want to change the look of your living room or add a touch of colour to your office, we have something for everyone.

Why Should You Join the Resin Art Workshop at Arts Shala?

Our resin art workshop lets you unlock your creativity and learn advanced skills. Whether you're an experienced artist or an aspiring beginner, our platform is designed to inspire and educate. You'll have the chance to create stunning, glossy masterpieces with your own hands under the guidance of experienced instructors. Plus, our workshops are available both in-person and online, making it convenient for everyone to participate.


Arts Shala is more than just a decor learning platform - we are a destination for those who appreciate beauty, creativity, and quality. Our collection of decorative accessories is carefully designed and arranged to offer you multiple options for every space. From elegant resin pieces and pottery items to colourful wall art, we have everything you need to elevate your decor.

Arts Shala is a hub of creativity and learning where artists of all levels can explore their passions and develop their skills. Please Contact Us for assistance if you have any more questions. We look forward to welcoming you to Arts Shala!
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