Offline Resin Phone Case Workshop

Resin Phone Case Workshop | English, Hindi, Hinglish | 8 yrs + | 1 Hour

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About the Workshop:

If you’re looking for resin art classes in Delhi without needing prior experience, consider joining this session. The Resin Mobile Cover Workshop offers a delightful experience, allowing you to explore the different techniques. Rest assured, you'll leave with a personalised creation to call your own!

At Arts Shala's Virtual Resin Phone Case Workshop, students will explore resin crafting practically. Designed for beginners and enthusiasts, this hands-on session, conducted online, provides participants with expert guidance. With a focus on creativity and skill-building, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to craft your resin masterpiece.

In a one-hour session, attendees can expect to grasp the entire process – from preparing the resin mixture to careful demolding. Our expert artists will guide you through every step, from resin preparation to demolding, ensuring hands-on mastery. Explore colour blending, pouring techniques, and safety protocols, gaining practical insights into crafting unique phone cases.

What Will You Learn?

In this workshop, participants will acquire valuable insights in the following areas:

  • Identifying and sourcing necessary materials, emphasising the importance of Personal Protection Equipment to ensure a safe working environment with resin.
  • Techniques for preventing the infiltration of dust particles into your resin work, including practical tips and tricks acquired through experience.
  • Addressing challenges such as resin pitting and edge pull-away with comprehensive guidance on identifying, mitigating, and rectifying these issues.
  • Each workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge to confidently attempt DIY resin phone covers at home, ensuring an enjoyable experience.

This workshop provides a step-by-step approach to smoothly applying resin to artwork, instilling confidence in the process and ensuring the preservation of the integrity of your exquisite creations.

Safety Reminder: When working with paints and chemicals, strictly follow the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. For any safety-related inquiries or concerns, contact the product's manufacturer directly.

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Individuals new to resin crafting seek a foundational understanding of creating phone cases.
  • Those with a passion for crafting and a desire to explore resin artistry, specifically in phone case design.
  • Individuals interested in hands-on experiences are eager to personalise their phone accessories through resin crafting.

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