How Do You Make Resin Art Without Silicone Moulds?

How Do You Make Resin Art Without Silicone Moulds?

Dec 15, 2023

Do you want to craft something using resin art without using silicone moulds? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Here, you will learn about seven different ways to do it. But before this we have to get the knowledge of creating a mould. So, let’s learn about the adhesive properties of epoxy resin because we mainly use this to craft resin art. Epoxy glues with aluminium, glass, and wood. As a result, we cannot use these three materials as a mould. We also know that an ideal mould should not bond with the resin.

Other things, such as sheathing tape, nylon, Teflon, silicone, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc., can form mould. The reason is epoxy resin does not stick to them. You can join resin art courses to gain knowledge and unleash your creative potential.

7 Ways to Make Beautiful Resin Art Without Using Silicone Moulds

Making resin art without silicone moulds is easy; here are seven of them. Follow these to create your masterpiece.

Shrink Wrap and Cardboard

Take shrink wrap, cardboard, a pen, silicone sealant, soap water, a meager amount of plain water, a resin mixture, and a little patience. After collecting all of them, follow these steps:

  1. Cover the cardboard with the shrink wrap and draw the shape of the object you want to create over it using the pen.
  2. Apply silicone sealant over the boundaries of your drawing and leave it alone until it gets dry.
  3. When the drying process is complete, apply soap water over the dried silicone sealant and pour water into that newly dammed area to check if it is properly sealed.

Hereafter, it's time to pour in your resin mixture, and after doing it, give it the time of at least 20 hours to cure. Then, remove the silicone sealant, and now your craft is completed. Enjoy the beauty of it by showcasing it to others.

Acrylic Stones

Using acrylic stones, we can form almost everything. So, we must have acrylic stones, a pen or pencil, a transparent plastic sheath, a plain sheet, a resin mixture, a container such as a bowl, and your patience. Now, let's start.

  1. Take the plain sheet and pen down the 2D shape of the object you want to craft using resin art. Now, put the transparent plastic sheet over your drawing.
  2. Take the acrylic stones in the container or bowl and sprinkle some of your resin over them so that they turn gluey. Hereupon, start placing those sticky acrylic stones over your drawing. Remember, the stones must remain within the boundary; do not let them breach the boundary line.
  3. After filling your drawing with acrylic stones, leave it alone until it gets dry, and when you get the feeling that it has dried, start placing stones on its backside or other side. Then again, after pouring an optimum amount of resin over the acrylic stones on both sides of the craft, let it alone so it can lose its dampness.

Witness the elegant beauty of your craft after it gets dried. Remember, you can create any 3d craft or object using these stones.

Wood and Sheathing Tape

Don't worry. I know wood cannot be used as a mould for creating resin art, but what if we cover the wood with sheathing tape? Sane idea. Right! Now, let's begin. Imagine the shape of the craft you want to create using resin art.

We will develop the 2D shape of your imagined object using wood. So for this, you must have good quality wooden strips, a plain wooden board, sheathing tape, silicon sealant, and some screws[optional] if you desire.

  1. Cover the plain wooden board with sheathing tape, and the foundation of your craft is ready.
  2.  Drape the tape over the wooden strips and, after doing it, place them over your cardboard.
  3. Hereafter, apply the silicone sealant to seal the container-like structure you have developed. 
  4. When your structure gets ready, pour in the resin mixture and leave it untouched until it loses moisture or turns dry. 

Your resin art is now complete; admire yourself for what masterpiece you have just created.

Applying Brown Tape or Sellotape

It is one of the simplest strategies for creating resin art without silicone moulds. You need three things- cardboard, a brown or sellotape, and your resin mixture. Apply the tape around the cardboard as if they are walls of the cardboard. Now, pour your resin in it and let it dry. Completed, yes, your art. You can also cut the cardboard in any other shape if you want.

Open-Back Bezels

This strategy is restricted to crafting small but beautiful things such as pendants or other jewellery. So, you will need open-back bezels. Don't be afraid; get them on Amazon or visit your market. After getting them, pour the resin into any bezels and give it time to cure. Now your pendant or jewellery is ready. Wear it or share its beauty with your friends.

UV Resin 

It is the best among all of these seven ways. You will need a bottle of UV resin and a light torch. This resin can be dried immediately using a UV light torch, so you don't need patience. The process is very fast but a little more expensive. To develop any craft using UV resin, imagine the shape and apply the resin around any similar object. After that, give the object at least four coats, and after drying it using UV light, separate that object from the developed shape. Now, you have the shape.

For example, if I want a cylindrical shape, I will apply three coats of UV resin one by one and dry them each by using a UV light torch. Hereupon, I would separate the pen from the shape I developed using the resin. Now, my cylindrical shape is ready, and I can harness it to make flags, trees, poles, etc.

Transparent PVC Sheet Material

Well, this method is used by many people, but it still needs to be discovered by many. However, it is also simple but effective. Cut a hard PVC sheet using a knife or scissors to form the shape you want to develop. Now, wrap the sheathing or brown tape around it so that they look like walls. Now, pour your resin and let it dry and untouched for hours. Unwrap or remove the PVC sheet and the enclosed tape when you feel it dry.


Resin art can be created without using silicone moulds; you can turn anything into a mould, but the condition is that epoxy resin must not possess a tendency to glue with it. Materials such as shrink wrap and cardboard, acrylic stones, sheathing tape, etc., can form mould. So, now you can make resin art without silicone moulds. 

Furthermore, you can use things other than the ones mentioned above to make a mould, provided they do not form bonding with the epoxy resin. However, resin art demands extreme focus and creative skills, and you can polish all of them using Arts Shala's expertise. You can contact us today to learn from the expert artists turned instructors.

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