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Cabochon pendent frames

Cabochon pendent frames

Craft a statement piece with our versatile Cabochon Pendant Frames, available in a palette of bronze, black, golden, silver, and rose gold. These frames are the perfect canvases for your resin art, offering both the artist and the wearer a unique expression of style.

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Introducing the cornerstone of jewelry making – our Cabochon Pendant Frames. These are not merely frames; they are gateways to creativity, available in an array of colors including classic bronze, elegant black, shimmering golden, radiant silver, and the ever-romantic rose gold.

Whether you are drawn to the vintage appeal of bronze, the depth of black, the luxury of gold, the sheen of silver, or the tenderness of rose gold, each frame is crafted with the highest quality standards. The rich textures and the precise finish ensure your artificial jewelry stands out with professional grace.

Designed specifically for resin bezels, these frames provide a secure and stunning base for your creations. The smooth edges and uniform surface make them ideal for both clear and embellished resin applications, ensuring your artwork remains the focal point.

Our Cabochon Pendant Frames come with an integrated loop, making them ready for stringing on your favorite chain or cord. They are lightweight yet durable, ensuring that your pendant, whether it's a daily wear piece or a statement accessory, remains comfortable and intact.

These frames are more than just a part of your jewelry; they are a canvas for your imagination. Embed tiny flowers, colorful threads, or even a sprinkle of glitter into your resin for a bespoke charm. Perfect for designers, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone with a passion for personalization.
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