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Eyes Screw pins hooks

Eyes Screw pins hooks

Lock in the luxe with our Eyes Screw Pins Hooks, the perfect anchor for your artificial jewelry projects. Available in a rich array of colors including Antique Silver, Black, Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Rose Gold, these hooks promise to add both security and elegance to your resin bezels.

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Discover the essential detail to elevate your jewelry-making game with our Eyes Screw Pins Hooks. Crafted for creators, these hooks come in a vibrant variety of finishes: the timeless Antique Silver, the bold and chic Black, the radiant Golden, the sleek Silver, the classic Bronze, and the trendy Rose Gold.

Antique Silver:
Revel in the rustic charm of Antique Silver hooks, perfect for adding a vintage touch to your designs.

Bold Black:
Choose Black for a contemporary edge, ideal for making a modern statement.

Gleaming Golden:
Embrace the timeless elegance of Golden, a classic choice that never goes out of style.

Sleek Silver:
Opt for the cool sheen of Silver, offering a bright and versatile option for any piece.

Classic Bronze:
Bronze brings a touch of traditional warmth, perfect for earth-toned aesthetics.

Trendy Rose Gold:
Rose Gold adds a blush of romance, ideal for designs that speak to softer, feminine styles.

Crafting Made Easy:
Our Eyes Screw Pins Hooks are not just about looks; they’re designed for easy insertion and secure fastening, ensuring your resin bezels stay in place with an artistic flair. The simple twist and lock mechanism is foolproof, offering a reliable solution for both novice and expert jewelry makers.

Versatile and Adaptable:
Whether you're creating pendants, charms, or keychains, these hooks are versatile enough to hold your creations securely. Match them with any resin bezel for a seamless look or mix and match colors for a unique, custom piece.

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