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Face Painting Workshop Online

Face Painting Workshop Online

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⌛ Duration :
👤 Age Group : All age groups
📖 Language : English, Hindi, Hinglish

📅 Date :

⚙️ Venue : Zoom Meeting

Face painting is one of the most sought after and quite fun art forms. Arts Shala is here to share the tips and tricks to face painting in our online workshop. Whether your theme is halloween, sports, or your are supporting a social cause, face painting is perfect for diverse scenarios. 

Enrol in our face painting workshop today! Learn about the skin-friendly colours, good brushes and sponges that’ll bring out the most of this fun activity. You can also join us in groups and from anywhere in the world!  Enjoy learning with friends or family in our interactive and engaging online workshop sessions.

Who Can Join Our Face Painting Workshop?

Our workshop welcomes participants of all backgrounds and levels of experience. So you can join us if you are:

  • Beginner looking to explore a creative hobby.
  • Experienced artist aiming to enhance their skills.
  • Parents interested in entertaining children at events.
  • Aspiring face painters seeking to start a professional career.
  • College student seeking to stand out in college things.

Why Join Our Face Painting Workshop?

  • Technique-Oriented Learning: Learn everything from basic brush strokes to more complex shading and detailing that face painting requires.
  • Skin-Safe Practices: Understand the importance of using skin-friendly, non-toxic face paints, especially considering the diverse skin types and weather conditions.

  • Interactive Online Sessions: Engage in live, interactive online sessions where you can learn, practice, and receive immediate feedback, just like in an in-person workshop.
  • Expert Tips and Tricks: As an experienced face painter, I will share insider tips and tricks that make face painting easier, more efficient, and more fun.
  • Suitable for everyone: Our workshop is enjoyable for all age groups, making it a great family bonding experience.
  • Networking and Community: Connect with fellow face painting enthusiasts from across India and world, share your work, get inspired, and enjoy the sense of community.
  • Convenient and Accessible: Learn from the comfort of your home with our online format, saving you time and travel costs.

Get in Touch!

Connect with us on WhatsApp to secure your spot today! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn, create, and connect with fellow art enthusiasts.

Feel free to share this with your friends and family who might also be interested in this opportunity.


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