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Online Workshop for Making Resin Keychains

Online Workshop for Making Resin Keychains

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⌛ Duration : 2 hours
👤 Age Group : For everyone
📖 Language : English, Hindi, Hinglish

📅 Date :

⚙️ Venue : Zoom Meet

Description of the Project

Welcome to our exciting online workshop, where you will learn how to make resin keychains! This project is an interesting experience for both beginners and experienced crafters. Our workshop is carefully planned to show you the cool world of making resin keychains. You'll learn the basics and some advanced tricks, too. We'll teach you how to cover and shape resin, use different types, and get the right mix. 

Explore all the colours you can add to the resin so your keychains can be just how you like them. We'll make sure you know all the safety rules and how to measure resin perfectly. We'll focus on tools and tricks to make your keychains look super shiny. Join us and let your creativity shine as you turn plain keychains into your own pieces of art!

What You'll Learn

  • Coating and Casting of Resin
  • Types of Resin
  • Mixing Ratio
  • Resin Pigments and Its Different Types
  • Safety Measures While Working
  • Resin Calculation
  • Different Tools and Techniques
  • How to Achieve Glossy Finish

Materials Needed

  • Resin and Hardener
  • Gloves
  • Pigments
  • Mixing Stick
  • Mixing Cups
  • Weighing Scale (as per choice)
  • Butane Torch (as per choice)


Application of Flakes: Learn the art of applying flakes to add texture and uniqueness to your resin keychains.

Application of Flowers: Explore techniques for incorporating pressed flowers into your designs, creating a natural and aesthetic touch.

Kit Material for Techniques

  • Mould
  • Flakes
  • Pressed Flowers
  • Keyring
  • Jumper Ring/Connector

How to Apply Gold Foil and Flowers?

How to Apply Gold Foil: Uncover the step-by-step process of applying gold foil to elevate the elegance of your resin keychains.

How to Do Customisation: Personalise your creations with customization techniques, making each keychain a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Join Us Today!

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Come and be part of an unforgettable crafting adventure with our online workshop for making resin keychains. To learn more, reach out to us through WhatsApp/call at +91 93540 46373 or via email at Act quickly, as we have only a few slots left. Enrol with us today!


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