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Pendent and Earings bazels

Pendent and Earings bazels

Embrace victory in design with our Trophy Pendant and Earring Bezels! Available in the triumphant shades of Bronze, Golden, and Silver, these bezels are the champions in turning your resin art into wearable masterpieces.

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Step onto the podium of creativity with our Trophy Pendant and Earring Bezels, the perfect blend of elegance and inspiration. Offered in the noble hues of Bronze, Golden, and Silver, these bezels are crafted to bring your artistic vision to the forefront.

Our Bronze bezels carry the legacy of timeless art. They are the foundation for designs that speak of durability and classic beauty, reminiscent of ancient sculptures and historic medallions.

Golden bezels reflect the glow of success and prosperity. They are ideal for creating pieces that stand out, offering a bright canvas that complements the sparkling clarity of resin art.

The Silver bezels offer a mirror-like finish that amplifies the intricate details of your work. They are the epitome of modern elegance, providing a cool-toned backdrop that enhances any color palette.

These bezels are not just decorative; they are designed with the artist in mind. The integrated loop ensures easy attachment to chains or earring hooks, while the open-faced design invites endless possibilities for encapsulating your resin creations.

Whether it’s for a celebratory gift, a token of achievement, or simply a testament to your creative journey, these Trophy Pendant and Earring Bezels are versatile enough for any event or everyday wear.
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