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Pendent Frames bazels

Pendent Frames bazels

Frame your creativity with precision with Arts Shala’s Geometric Pendant and Earring Bezels. Offered in stark Black, reflective Silver, blush Rose Gold, classic Bronze, and radiant Golden, these bezels are the modern touch your resin jewelry has been waiting for

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Unveil the power of geometric chic with our Geometric Pendant and Earring Bezels, your next go-to for a modern twist in artificial jewelry. Available in an array of sophisticated colors — the bold Black, the timeless Silver, the on-trend Rose Gold, the vintage-inspired Bronze, and the classic Golden — these bezels are crafted to transform your resin art into avant-garde accessories.

Dive into the depths of elegance with our Black bezels, perfect for creating a statement piece that exudes contemporary cool.

Our Silver bezels are the epitome of sleek sophistication, reflecting your artistic flair with every turn.

Infuse your jewelry with the subtle charm of Rose Gold, a hue that softly says modern luxury.

Opt for Bronze to imbue your pieces with the warmth and depth of a timeless classic.

Choose Golden for a dash of traditional glamour, ideal for bezels that demand attention.

Each bezel is meticulously crafted with an eye for detail, featuring clean lines and a simple loop that promises ease of use without compromising style. The openwork design beckons the imagination, offering endless possibilities to fill with vibrant resin or to use as is for a minimalist look.

These bezels invite you to play with negative space, light, and texture. They are the starting point for wearable art that transcends trends, perfect for the bold creator ready to make a personal statement.
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